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Why Double Glazing

Why replace your single-glazed windows with double glazing ? For most, the precipitating factor for looking into double glazing is a need for new construction (or renovation) to conform to modern energy standards. Others decide to replace their windows as an energy saving measure. The main advantage that double glazing offers over traditional windows is insulation.

Because nearly 25% of your heat is lost through your windows, well-made and well-fitted double glazing can reduce your heating costs by as much as half depending on the amount of glass in your home.

Some of the benefits to consider about double glazing for your home are safety, energy conservation,security and style,Each of these factors are important and will bring you pleasure and comfort in your home for years to come.


There's no doubt that double glazing makes it more difficult for a thief or intruder to break into your home by the simple expedient of breaking a window pane and reaching through the hole - also added security is provided with the window frames and the locking systems than just the glass itself.

Energy Conservation

Double glazing can reduce heat lost through windows by as much as 50%, thereby reducing your heating bills, keeping your house warmer and helping you do your bit in the conservation of natural resources. Especially in rooms with large windows, the difference in temperature in the room is easily noticeable. Sitting by a large, double-glazed picture window is far, far more comfortable on a chill winter night.

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